How Was Novavera Born?

The story of Novavera, the world's 6th Best Olive Oil Producer in the 2020 EVOO World Quality Ranking, the most awarded olive oil of our country and a woman entrepreneur brand, started in 2018 in Ayvalık.

After experiencing a health problem, Bahar Alan, a graduate of METU Industrial Engineering Department, realized that two most prominent values are health and harmony with nature for her, she went to Ayvalık, the center of olive and olive oil for centuries, and started entrepreneurship after 25 years of corporate business life.


"It all started on a bright spring morning. A garden with trees with thick trunks that I cannot grasp with my arms, leaves that change color in the wind, their refreshment and scent, the poppies and butterflies flying above them. Inspiring olive trees like people experienced, aged beautifully.

I was fascinated. They entered my life in an unexpected moment. And for the first time in a long time that I can't remember the last time, I couldn't sleep with excitement and happiness that evening.

We now had "immortal trees" in Ayvalık that we will wonder how they were every day..."

The name 'Novavera', which means 'New Spring' and 'New Truth', also is derived from here.

In Manisa, there are younger olives, younger members of the family, most of which are newly planted. As a tiny sapling of an inch tall, we are watching with excitement and happiness as the trees that grow gradually.

Our Values

As Novavera, we have adopted these two fundamental values, the HEALTH and the production in HARMONY with NATURE. We aimed to produce with care what nature offers us in the most beneficial way for health, without damaging, and polluting. We set our slogan as Health for Your Life to remind them of the significance they attach to human life and health.


Novavera Groves


Novavera olive oils are obtained by pressing olives collected from 50.000 olive trees on a total of 1450 decares of private land in the gardens in Ayvalık and Manisa.

The Trilye trype olives, which grow at an altitude of 600 meters in Manisa, produce olive oils with high polyphenols and intense fruity due to their ideal height, soil structure and other climatic conditions and the variety of trees around.

Olive groves with TürkGap and ORSER Organic Agriculture Certificates are irrigated only as much as they need by the drip method that does not harm nature.

How Do We Produce?

In Novavera, it is essential to be in harmony with the whole of nature and not to harm the environment.


  1. We perform organic farming in our gardens.
  2. We water our trees with drip irrigation method only as much as necessary.
  3. We ensure that there is no drug residue in our olive oils with accredited tests.
  4. We use a two-phase, environmentally friendly system in our production. We produce without "adding water" to the olive paste, so no black water is formed.
  5. By sending our solid olive pomace to recycling facilities, we contribute to the transformation of this product into fuel.

Since 2018 we have been producing in our facility, which has ISO 22000, ISO 9000, ISO 14000 and BRC certificates, only processing our own olives in Ayvalık.


Transportation of Olives

Olives are transported to our factory immediately after harvest and the pressing process begins. Since there is no pressing outside in our factory, the products are pressed without waiting. For olives brought from further distances, climatized tools are used.

Selection, Sorting and Double Washing

Olives are first sorted in the selection band. Damaged, defective olives are separated by visual inspection.

Afterwards, the olives are passed through the double washing system and it is ensured that all the residues on the grains are cleaned.

City water passing through a special filter is used as washing water.

Cold Pressed

In order for an olive oil to be called cold pressing, the olive paste should not be heated above a certain temperature at any stage of production. To make cold pressing, it is prominent that the pressing machine has certain characteristics that reduce friction and allow the paste to be cooled when necessary. Due to its production infrastructure with this technology, Novavera measures the paste temperature at 6 points and cools the paste at certain points. All products are cold pressed.

Olive oil has 3 enemies:

  • Heat
  • Light
  • Oxygen


To protect them from these three elements, olive oils are stored in an air-conditioned environment between 18-20 degrees, in steel tanks, by completely cutting off their contact with oxygen, and then they are offered for sale in special dark colored bottles with a ball cap and UV filter that minimize contact with air.

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