Frequently Asked Questions

When will the product I bought be delivered?

Under normal circumstances, deliveries within Istanbul are delivered within 24 hours after being shipped; deliveries outside of Istanbul (depending on the delivery time committed by the cargo company to your province and district) are delivered within 2-3 working days. If there is any problem in the product supply process, our customer service representatives will inform you about this situation via e-mail, phone and SMS.

When will my product be shipped during the campaign periods?

Due to the intensity experienced during the campaign periods, the delivery time varies between 2-4 working days.

When the orders I placed in the evening will be shipped?

Your orders placed after 11:00 noon will be shipped the next day.

Which cargo company do you work with?

We work with Yurtiçi Kargo and MNG Kargo on a contracted basis.

Will I be charged for shipping?

With MNG Cargo, you do not pay a shipping fee for your purchases of TL 150 or more. For orders below 150 TL, the shipment fee is TL 10 for MNG Kargo. For Yurtiçi Kargo, an additional fee of 15 TL is added to your shipment fee.

Will I be charged for the return cargo?

If you choose our contracted cargo that delivered your order to you, you will not pay a shipment fee. If you choose a shipping company other than this one for the return, the customer has to pay the shipment fee.

Can I pay at the door? How is it charged?

You can pay with Cash on Delivery & Credit Card with our contracted cargo. For this transaction, the payment fee at the door requested by the cargo companies is reflected in addition to your order amount.

When will you ship my orders placed on weekends and holidays?

Orders placed on weekends and holidays will be shipped within the first subsequent business day. Orders placed until 11:00 pm, except Saturday and Sunday, will be shipped on the same day.

Where can I track the delivery status of my order?

You can view all your orders from the "My Orders" page in the My Account section.

How will I track my shipping information after completing my order?

You can view the relevant order on the "My Orders" page and click on the "Where is My Cargo" link to view its status. As soon as your order is shipped, you will be informed by e-mail.

I want to change my order delivery address, how can I do it?

You can change your order address from the "My Address Book" section on the "My Account" page or you can define your new address by checking the "I Want to Define a New Address" button during the purchase process. This address will appear as the delivery address in your next order. During the ordering process, you can change the delivery address for the relevant order. However, this change is not reflected on the My Account page, only affects the relevant order.

What should I do when my cargo arrived and I wasn't at home?

The shipment company delivers your order to the address you have specified. If you are not present at your address, it leaves a note that you can get your package from the nearest branch. If you do not receive your package from the cargo branch within three days, your order will return to NovaVera warehouses.

What should be considered while receiving your cargo?

Before receiving your cargo, please check both the outer packaging and the inside by opening it next to the cargo staff. If the cargo is damaged, crushed, torn, broken, rusty, etc., make sure that the cargo staff completes a damage assessment report and request the return of the cargo without receiving it, together with this report. Do not throw away the original packaging of the products you have received. When returning or replacing, return it in this original packaging.

How to open a ball cap?

First of all, open the cap of the bottle by turning it to the left. Shake the bottle several times. You can pour your oil by hitting the bottom of the bottle.

Are your products produced as cold pressed?

All of our products are produced as cold pressed at 22°C maximum.

How should we preserve olive oil?

You should store it in a place away from heat, light and with the cap closed.

How much olive oil should I consume per day on an empty stomach in the morning for health?

You can certainly consult your doctor about this. However, it will be sufficient to consume 20 ml in the morning.

Will the nutritional value decrease if I use olive oil in meals?

How much should I use? Its nutritional value will not be damaged too much unless it is exposed to very high temperatures. But it is still most useful to use it without overheating. For this, it can be used by pouring a smaller amount during cooking and more after cooking.

What is the optimal consumption duration?

It will be beneficial to consume olive oil within a maximum of 1 year in a place that does not come into contact with heat, light and oxygen.

What's the difference between the first harvest and the early harvest?

First harvest olive oil is the state in which olives are collected and squeezed when they are greenest in September-October. It is the harvest where the amount of olive oil is the least compared to other harvests and the highest in terms of health components.

Early harvest olive oils are collected immediately after the first harvest in October-November and get pressed. They are multicolored and green. They are also high in terms of health components.

Does olive oil freeze?

There is a widespread belief in our country that real olive oil must necessarily freeze in the refrigerator, and if it does not freeze, there is additive or adulteration in it.

However, whether olive oil freezes or not is never a marker of adulteration.

Some olive oils freeze, some may not. Some may freeze at +12°C and others at +4°C.

This may vary depending on the olive variety, the age of the tree, the climate experienced that year, the altitude, the way it is processed. The consumer cannot detect the adulteration of olive oil with any method applied at home. Hence, it is necessary to purchase branded products, with quality system (hacca, ISO, etc.), having business registration numbers.

Olive oil normally freezes below a certain temperature (usually +7°C). But the way you store that oil and the chemical properties of the oil cause freezing in some cases even below the specified temperatures.

It would not be the right approach to say that non-freezing olive oil is not real. Quality and reliability assessment should not be performed solely through freezing.

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