Credit Card

You can make advance purchases using a credit card for your orders to be placed on Novavera. You can use all banks' credit cards for purchases in cash.

Debit Card

You can pay for your orders from Novavera by debit card. Debit cards from all banks are valid.


Wire Transfer / EFT

You can pay for your orders from Novavera by wire transfer / EFT. To do this, when you create your order, select the bank you want in the payment step by wire transfer / EFT and complete your order. After completing your order, transfer money from the internet branch, mobile branch, bank branch or ATM of the bank you are a customer of.

Things to consider when performing the wire transfer:

  • You must transfer money to the following IBAN of the bank you selected during the payment phase.
  • In the Description field, you must type your order number.
  • You must transfer as much as your full order amount, including shipment fee.
  • In EFT transactions, you must under the name of the Buyer as "Novavera Gıda ve Tarım San. Tic. A.Ş.".
  • Once you have entered all the information in full and accurately, your order will be confirmed within 1 business day when you make the transfer.
  • Your bank may charge a transaction fee for this transaction.

Our Bank Account Numbers:

Garanti Bank (TRY)
Buyer Name: Nova Vera Gıda ve Tarım San. Tic. A.Ş.
IBAN: TR92 0006 2000 0710 0006 2934 28

Ziraat Bankası (TRY)
Buyer Name: Nova Vera Gıda ve Tarım San. Tic. A.Ş.
IBAN: TR66 0001 0023 0881 7984 2250 01

Payment at the Door

At Novavera, you can also shop using the "Payment at the Door - Credit Card" and "Payment at the Door - Cash" options. To choose the payment option at the door, you must select the shipment company as MNG Kargo. Payment options at the door will charge 7 TL in addition to product and shipment fees.

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