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Bodrum Mandarin Flavored Olive Oil 250 ml
Bodrum Mandarin Flavored Olive Oil 250 ml
Bodrum Mandarin Flavored Olive Oil 250 ml

Bodrum Mandarin Flavored Olive Oil 250 ml

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Nova Vera Flavored Olive Oils are the epitome of culinary art, expertly crafted using a unique style where whole, fresh fruits, herbs, or vegetables are blended with the olives during the milling process, resulting in oils that are rich in flavor and bursting with aromas. No additives or artificial flavors are ever used in the making of these oils, ensuring that every drop is of the highest quality. Our signature collection, which includes Green Lemon, Bodrum Mandarin, Hot Chili, and Basil, will elevate your cooking to new heights, transforming simple dishes into a world of taste, flavor and unforgettable experiences.

The wonderful harmony of the deliciously scented Bodrum mandarin with olive oil adds a different fragrance and flavor to your salads, cakes and desserts. Heat measurement is performed at 6 points in all stages transforming from olive to olive oil to keep the paste below 27°C.

Storage Conditions

You can store your olive oil in a cool place away from light and damp.

How to Open a Ball Cap?

After opening the bottle by turning the lid of your olive oil bottle, shake the bottle upside down a few times and then hit the bottom with your hand, your oil will pour easily.

Packaging Type
Glass Bottle
250 ml
Production Season
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