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Lavantalı Zeytinyağı Sabunu 125gr
Lavantalı Zeytinyağı Sabunu 125gr
Lavantalı Zeytinyağı Sabunu 125gr

100% Natural Lavender Olive Oil Soap 125 gr

Price : 15,00 TL(Vat included)

Contains only 100% pure lavender oil, lavender seeds, olive oil, coconut oil and salt. It is completely natural. It does not contain artificial lavender essence, animal oil, dye, preservative, and chemical additive.

It is a soothing and fragrant soap made of lavender seeds and lavender oil. It gives vitality and freshness to the skin, calms the nerves. Thanks to the beneficial components in its content, it has positive effects on the skin.

Soaps made of lavender have the beneficial effects of lavender.

Soaps are produced by using cold process without boiling and heat treatment to preserve their health and healing properties. It is suitable for people with all types of skin.

Main Benefits of Lavender Soap

  • It eliminates problems such as acne and pimples on the skin, and removes dandruff in the hair.
  • The lavender oil contained in the soap soothes the nerves and shows a natural protection effect thanks to its antiseptic feature without irritating the skin.
  • It can be used as a natural room fragrance in rooms and closets, thus reducing insomnia and depression.
  • It influences the relaxation of the body.
  • It has positive effects on shingles. It gives vitality to the hair, supports the treatment of burns, tissue deterioration and acne.
  • It shows anti-inflammatory and cell regenerative properties.
  • It eliminates bad odors in the body. It leaves lasting softness on the skin.
  • It provides a natural protection by protecting the oil balance on the skin.

Net: 125 gr

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