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Memecik Early Harvest 10 ML Disposable (Pack of 40)
Memecik Early Harvest 10 ML Disposable (Pack of 40)
Memecik Erken Hasat 10 ML Tek Kul. (40 lı paket)
Memecik Erken Hasat 10 ML Tek Kul. (40 lı paket)

Memecik Early Harvest 10 ML Disposable (Pack of 40)

Price : 68,00 TL(Vat included)

Novavera Early Harvest Memecik is produced by cold pressing in Novavera Ayvalık facilities, which have BRC and ISO 22000 certificates, by transporting Memecik type olives, which are grown in the villages of Milas region and harvested with branch shakers without damage, to Ayvalık by refrigerated trucks.

Free fatty acidity value is at most 0.3%.

Heat measurement is performed at 6 points in all stages transforming from olive to olive oil to keep the paste below 22°C. By applying the principles of early harvest and cold pressing, it is ensured that the phenolic components, naturally found in the fruit of the olive, are transferred to the olive oil at the highest level.

The olive oil you taste should remind you of freshness and make you feel happy. In addition, when you have some olive oil in your mouth, you should feel a burning sensation in your throat when you breath. The smells of grass you take, the bitterness and burning, these are originated from the phenolic components of your olive oil and it indicates that your olive oil has rich antioxidant capacity.

All products produced in Novavera are stored in a maximum range of 18°C to 20°C in a special air conditioning warehouse.

Characteristic features of Memecik Early Harvest Olive Oil are unripe almonds, arugula, peppergrass, Aegean herbs and tomatoes.

Storage Conditions

You can store your olive oil in a cool, light and moisture-free environment.

Acidity Rate
Amount of Polyphenol
Harvest Time
Harvest Early
Pressing Type
Cold Pressed
Production Season
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