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Nova Vera Ödüllü Premium Lezzet Seti 5 x 100 ML
Nova Vera Ödüllü Premium Lezzet Seti 5 x 100 ML

Nova Vera Award-Winning Premium Taste Pack 5 x 100 ML

Price : 1.570 TL(Vat included)


It was obtained from MEMECİK / AYVALIK / TRİLYE / ORGANİC / YAMALAK SARISI type olives, which were harvested in September of 2020/21 season, when the olives were still green and the number of polyphenols was at the highest level.

Our Award-Winning Olive Oil Set features the finest selection of olive oils from various regions of Turkey, each with its own distinct taste, color and aroma. These premium quality oils have been crafted from the finest olives grown in the region, using sustainable and organic production methods. The set is a true testament to the diversity of Anatolian olive oil, and we are proud to share it with the world as a way of honoring our rich heritage and preserving it for future generations.

Cold pressed at 20°C.

It is a premium quality extra virgin olive oil obtained as a result of the best processing of 5 different Aegean olives with a very high polyphenol value.

It is filtered.

It is suitable for raw consumption in the mornings.

Packaging: 5 pieces 100 ml bottle


Harvest Time
Harvest Early
Pressing Type
Cold Pressed
Packaging Type
Glass Bottle
500 ml
Production Season
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